On Wednesday morning we woke up to yet another tragedy. This time there was no deliberate act of violence. A London tower block 24 stories high housing over 400 people had been engulfed by fire … More Suffering

Trinity Sunday

Today is Trinity Sunday. The Sunday that has struck fear into many a curate’s heart when they realise it’s their turn to preach! I wonder how many of us scratch our heads and wonder how to explain the Holy Trinity when somebody asks about it who is curious about our faith and our teachings? … More Trinity Sunday

Ascension Day

Our 21st century minds like to have explanations, to rationalise things. We like to know and understand. Ours is not an age which goes in for story-telling, apart from crime dramas and soap operas. Even then the stories have to make sense … More Ascension Day

Ascension Sunday

Last Monday afternoon, a group of us from Prestwich met at The Christie to present the banner that had been made by the inter-faith sewing group. It was a truly joyous time affirming the relationships that had been built between faith groups in the community as well as the wonderful work of The Christie … More Ascension Sunday