Porch Boxes – An overview by Laurel A

Last year (2016) porch boxes provided an average of 450 boxes a month
were given to people in need. The charity also delivered 253 Easter eggs,
600 special Christmas hampers with presents for 200 children … More Porch Boxes – An overview by Laurel A


Encountering God

‘Daddy,‘ said a little girl one day, ‘Where does God live?’ ‘God lives everywhere,’ came the reply. She lifted her Dad’s empty coffee cup from the table. ‘Well, is he in this cup?’ ‘I suppose he must be in the cup!’, replied her father. She dropped her hand straight down to cover the rim. ‘Got him!’, she shouted … More Encountering God

Harvest 2017

Today is our Harvest Festival, in which Rev Deborah encouraged us to have a “Harvest of Talents”. In place of a formal sermon, she offered this story and reflection: …after which the Sunday School Singers sang this song of gratitude for all that we have in the world: Sunday School then led us in prayers … More Harvest 2017

There is no Pecking Order in the Kingdom of God

I wonder if anyone played the game of careers as a child? It was a board game, a bit like monopoly, although instead of buying property, as you moved around the board you followed different occupations, which would bring you happiness, money or fame. You set your own goals at the beginning, and won by being the first to achieve them. It gave a very simple message – life is a competition, success is what matters … More There is no Pecking Order in the Kingdom of God

Rev Deborah gave this sermon on “Love” on Wednesday 20 September 2017. Have a listen here … More