Choosing God, in the face of oppression

This sermon was given by Rev Caroline on Wednesday 21 March 2018. You can listen again here … More Choosing God, in the face of oppression



When I was a child, I had piano lessons. I longed to be able to play Chopin and Mozart as beautifully as my grandmother could and was disappointed to find that there was an awful lot of practice of the basics, such as scales, before what  I was doing would become a thing of beauty … More Relationship


The “Gloria”, or Greater Doxology is sung in churches every Sunday all over the world, unless of course it is either Lent or Advent. As you probably know, this hymn begins with the words that the angels sang to announce the birth of Christ to shepherds in Luke 2:14 … More Gloria


We all know Candlemas as the time in the Christian year when we bless the candles that are used in church throughout the year and as the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple when it was customary for parents to present their baby boy in the temple to give thanks to God … More Candlemas


When I was a teenager (and before I had come to a personal faith), I recognised that there was something different in the faces of those that I knew that believed. Before I understood that it was the Holy Spirit shining out of them, I used to describe this phenomenon as them having “ITV” faces which drew its analogy from the sparkly radiance that make up and lights achieved in a TV studio … More Transfiguration